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 The Ballyeffin Beacon attempts to be a 100% Free from Non-Fiction fake news outlet. Welcome to The Gutter. The Ballyeffin Beacon – Where mental diarrhea matters matter. 

Delivering the latest absolute drivel as occasionally as possible. All names or similarities are absolutely fictional, and/or coincidental; for Sure. If you are offended, or something, get in touch asap and we will remedy your ailment, you sensitive soul.

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Stay in the Ballyeffin Boglands with Ballyeffin Lodge. Great accommodation in the Boglands.

Ballyeffin Lodge

As its reputation for outstanding fishing and fine hospitality spread, Ballyeffin Lodge could have attracted such famous anglers as Zane Grey, Ernest Hemingway, and Roger

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Gender Fluid on International Women's day
Two dirty coal miners in the Boglands of Ireland
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