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Bread shortage turns into fly-tipping epidemic in Rural Ireland

Epidemic of Bread Fly-Tipping after ‘Beast from the East……

Bread shortage turns into fly-tipping epidemic in Rural Ireland

Rural Ireland is getting a right hammering after the Beast from the East sent shoppers into a frenzy of bread-buying, now dumping. Mountains of stale bread have been piling up in lanes and boreens all over the countryside. Reports are coming in from afar, and close by, shining a candle on this epidemic of dumping. But the news is not all bad as some of these bread mountains are fast becoming tourist attractions.

The Bread Mountain in Ballyeffin.
A Bread Mountain in Ballyeffin.

Apparently, some tourism providers close to Skellig Michael have noticed a huge drop-off in business as people are now flocking to Ballyeffin Village to view and climb all over Mount Saint Pat (the Baker). Apparently, search and rescue teams have been active in the Johnson, Mooney and O’Brien Alps, plucking exhausted climbers from the mounds of dough.

Ballyeffin Duck eatinf some of the fly tipped bread in ireland.

Wildlife expert and farmer, Wilf MacDonald, has noticed an explosion of animal activity in some areas around Ballyeffin. The famous Ballyeffin Camels have wandered in off the vast Boglands to feast on this windfall. In other reports birds have been destroying trees as they are so fat that the branches can’t hold them.

There has been, so far, unusually, no comment from the great Leo. The Ballyeffin Beacon did attempt to contact him but we discovered we were out of credit. If Leo, or anyone else that matters wants to make a comment please reach out to us.

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Independent Fact Check

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