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Pig Farmer encounters polite people.

Local Pig Farmer suprised at how polite people are…..

Pig Farmer encounters polite people.

Ballyeffin pig farmer, Elvis Aaron O’Doherty-Murphy, was recently so blown away by how considerate and polite people were in a local shop that he contacted us here at the Ballyeffin Beacon.

Pig Farming in the Boglands of Ballyeffin.

Elvis described the event to us so the following are his words:

I was feeding the pigs for a few hours that morning and when it was time for me tea I did discover that the bottle of milk was empty so I hopped on to the old tractor and ended up at the Ballyeffin Store where there I discovered a queue of people about a dozen or more long so I grabbed the bottle of milk that I had went down to the shop for and took my place at the back of the line. Everyone was hiding their faces with their arms I did then notice. It must have been some sort of a game or new fashion or something. Before I could even get settled into the line I was waved on to the front. I refused of course. Fair is fair. But there they all were then waving me on. I couldn’t believe it. I paid for my bottle of milk then took my time to thank everyone in person. I shook all their hands and had a great old chat. I ended up going home without the milk. When I went down to collect it there must have been a fire drill or something similar on as I pulled up outside the shop on my tractor everyone that was inside it did come running out. 

Thanks Elvis for sharing your tale with our readers. If anyone else has a goodwill story like Elvis’s then please feel free to share it with our readers.

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