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Ballyeffin Brewery releases Utter Scutter Craft Beer

The Ballyeffin Brewery releases ‘Utter Scutter’ – Their lumpiest brew yet……

Ballyeffin Brewery releases Utter Scutter Craft Beer

The pioneering brewers at Ballyeffin Brewery continue their innovation and exploration of beer and beer styles to bring you the most up to date and user friendly beers available on the market today. Their latest release in a technological marvel, yet deceptively simple.

Utter Scutter Craft Beer from Ballyeffin Brewery. The Lumpiest Brew Yet.

This latest craft beer, Utter Scutter, is as tasteful and user friendly as any beer has ever been. It was developed and tested over several years until perfected enough to be released to the thirsty masses. The hunger out there for unique and tasty craft beers has increased over the years. If you are not releasing newer and crazier beers you are gonna be ridiculed and belittled by them in the know, you know?

The secret to Utter Scutter is its consistency. It is perfect. Utter Scutter comes out just as it goes in – literally and metaphorically. Try to pour Utter Scutter into a pint glass and you’ll be bitchin’ like hell. You have to whack it out of the bottle, just like the old Heinz red stuff. It’s a real man’s beer. Suck it out of a long neck on a cold Summer’s day, or a colder Winter’s one. Utter Scutter is perfect for Irish Summers as too much heat may cause slurrification from the excess gases generated by the lumps in the bottles. Keeping it under 10 degrees is the secret.

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Prominent digestive Consultants have recommended Utter Scutter as it saves your body’s energy by cutting out the digestive process. Utter Scutter has been lauded by P.I.E.S. – The Professional Institute of Environmental Studies, as a green energy marvel.

Great Craft Beer from the Boglands of Ballyeffin, Ireland.

Utter Scutter is now on limited release. You could find it anywhere, even disguised as another beer. You’ll know when you drink it. Let us know when you do.

Don’t be a Nutter – Drink Utter Scutter.

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