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Find Truffles on the Ballyeffin Beacon. Truffle Trouble.

Dilemma for the Ballyeffin Truffle Hunting Club – The Pigs must go.

Find Truffles on the Ballyeffin Beacon. Truffle Trouble.

Consternation at the Ballyeffin Truffle Hunting Club’s AGM on Monday as a faction of the members want to embrace diversity, to liberalise and become more inclusive. There were many heated exchanges as the arguments went to and fro with it all ending in a lot of screaming and name-calling.

The main issue of the night was the use of pigs to find the truffles. There is a push to discontinue their use as it could, possibly, hinder the recruitment of a wider scope of people. The counter argument was that we have been doing it this way for years. ‘That holds no water’, was the rebuttal. The pigs have a bloodline that goes back to the ‘Great Piss-Up of 1209-10 (Read more about that here) so there will be some fight going on into the future.

Find Truffles on the ballyeffin Beacon.
Truffles the Lovely Dog

There was no resolution passed on the night. A committee has been set up to to compile a report regarding setting the Terms of Reference and a selection process for a new committee to select the members that will drive the issue forward hence creating an impression that a sense of urgency is imminent on the first matter before negotiations can take place on the intended structures of the selection process moving forward again to the ultimate and intended goal (please refer back to the beginning of the paragraph).

The next meeting of the Ballyeffin Truffle Hunting Club will take place on the first Monday of March 2019, where this matter may possibly be discussed, and potentially progressed further. See you there. 

Foot Note:

Apparently, over the Ballyeffin Truffle Hunting Cub’s 809 year history, not a single truffle has ever been discovered. But do not despair for The Ballyeffin Store sells a great range of chocolate truffles.

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