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Bfrewood's KebabAle Modern Masterpiece Crafted Ale

KebabAle – A Modern Masterpiece of Eatin’n’Drinkin’ for Sure……

Bfrewood's KebabAle Modern Masterpiece Crafted Ale

The innovative crowd at Ballyeffin Brewery have done it again with a Modern Masterpiece. They have astounded the Brewers and the Foodies in one swift release. Out it came like last night’s curry in a hurry and here it is for all to behold. Introducing to you – Bfrewood (Pronounced Bfrewood – This inspired concept is a masterful combination of the words brew and food, but in an unpronounceable way). It’s so …like….in the moment.

Bfrewood's KebabAle Modern Masterpiece Crafted Ale

Bfrewood is a Masterstroke. It’s a mesmerisingly masterful Mash-up of words. Ballyeffin Brewery has taken the English language and went all Hungarian on it. I’m just so excited about this. It is just so amazing. Gosh and golly. Plus I haven’t even told you the half of it yet. Bfrewood was just the concept. It has moved on into higher realms since the seed was chewed, and the chicken was choked. After an extended brain-storming session, and several more chicken-choking episodes, the Bfrewood concept has now spawned its first product. The intriguing, and unique, KebabAle. Oh my sphincter!

KebabAle is a giant leap forward from the ubiquitous Utter Scutter. Remember the Jingle? Don’t be a Nutter – Drink Utter Scutter. Sure it was on the tele every night for weeks. The Mammy had to wipe it off. But that’s neither here nor there. Well it was everywhere for a while, but I digress. KebabAle is a real meal in a bottle. The ultimate feast for a beast.

Being true Fusion Food, every pint bottle of KebabAle is guaranteed to have a full kebab in it, along with a generous helping of the finest ale. Luckily for me, and you readers, I got a wee bit of extra exciting information from the Head Brewer, Seamus O’Tumultaigh-Murphy, whilst I was on an unannounced  visit Ballyeffin Brewery. After Seamus ran out of breath and calmed down (four letter words do wear you out at times) he told me something oh so awesome….. (on top of the ‘Get the Fook out of here’ repeats)…………….Wait for it…..Wait for it…. KebabAle is Barrel Aged. OMG. OMG. OMG. It just keeps getting better and better and better…. Squeeeky Bum.

Ballyeffin Brewery sourced the finest barrels from out foreign. The lovely writing on the barrels, plus the name, ( olio Extra Vergine di Oliva ) attracted them to Seamus when he noticed them while he was browsing on one of them find a wife yokes. His Mammy’s favourite fags were an Extra Mild style. The oil drums reminded him of them fag packets. Seamus’s cousin’s wife was from out foreign too, so she organised getting them back, once she got back from visiting her folks in Australia.

Ballyeffin Brewery

When sampling it, KebabAle can really only be described in…in sign language. Once you have a mouthful there isn’t much to say. Plus the ability to say anything is quite inhibited for some time. The end result is what counts. Whatever was in them barrels has made it the smoothest, creamiest, tastiest kebab in a bottle this side of the sheep in the back field, the one that has foot-rot (The sheep, not the field). The next morning was a suprise to me also. The old brown snake just slipped out with hardly a push. Bloody marvellous. When I went to flush it away to it’s final resting place I discovered it had slipped away already. Absolutely, bloody, marvellous. Hardly had to use any Big Turdy Wongka Premium Bog Roll. What a saving.

Due to the limited supply of bread lately the next batch of KebabAle will be delayed a bit. The release date has been moved, of course, but there are plans to increase production whenever Seamus can locate some extra Extra barrels. Just remember folks – Enjoy Bfrewood’s Kebabale sensibly, and, also, keep an eye squinted for Bfrewood’s next epiphany. HotDogAle? Could very well be. Suggestions below in the comments and I’ll pass them on to Seamus.

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