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Man Refuses To Open Curtains – Wants To Believe He Is Still Snowed In.

Your news and views with the Ballyeffin Beacon.

A County Laois man is living in denial. By refusing to open his curtains he has convinced himself that he is still snowed in. After a blissful week surfing the net and sitting on the sofa he has decided that the hectic lifestyle prior to the Big Snow was not all it was cracked up to be. 

Snowed in Man in Denial. Squirrel eating fruit in Ireland

He’s now browsing Welfare.ie for new opportunities that will assist him in his new-found passion of lounging about. The fridge is near empty but he figures with careful rationing he will be able to squeeze another week out of it. Those fasting diets are all the rage at the moment so he thinks a fortnight may even be possible.

Neighbors have attempted to lure him out of the house by placing chicken dinners and other treats near the front door then wafting the lovely aroma towards the door by flapping a tea towel. Nothing has worked to date. Plus the squirrels are eating it all. We will keep you updated as we get news in.

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