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Legendary All Black Flanker could sign for Ballyeffin Rugby

Richie McCaw linked with Ballyeffin Rugby

Legendary All Black Flanker could sign for Ballyeffin Rugby

Could the incredible be happening in Ballyeffin? Will Richie McCaw sign with Ballyeffin?The Legend that is Richie McCaw is rumoured to be heading to the Ballyeffin Boglands with his pen in hand ready to sign on the dotted line. Let’s not get too excited though as it is just a rumour, but what a rumour.

Legendary All Black Flanker could sign for Ballyeffin Rugby

So there above you see Richie arriving in his chopper with all the stolen balls he has kept safe from his opponents. Well done lad. The Ballyeffin Rugby Club awaits your imminent arrival.

What a coup this would be for Ballyeffin Rugby Club. The buggers down at Ballyboondock Rugby Club will be shaking in their sleep tonight. Old Rodney Rumour is a great lad. It seems incredible to think that the Ballyeffin Rugby team only started wearing boots in 2012. Now only a short few years later this could be happening. If you see a helicopter with a massive sack flying about get in touch.

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