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Self Identify Your Gender in Ballyeffin

An Historic Day as America gets its First Female President

Self Identify Your Gender in Ballyeffin

Trump revealed as Gender Fluid – Now Self Identifies as a Woman. 

An absolutely astonishing moment in World History. That’s the only way this Breaking News can be described. Trump has revealed She is Gender Fluid and Really ‘Feels Like a Woman’ this particular day – which also, coincidentally,  coincides with International Women’s Day. President Trump is really pumped about this. She thinks this moment is Huge, and Beautiful.

Gender Fluid on International Women's day
Excited Ladies Upon hearing the news

This fantastical news has been met with mixed reactions. Some of Her voting base were at first ‘Really Angry’ but as the moments passed, and their eyes wandered to their own wardrobe, they came around to the idea. Others of Her ilk were not so quick to accept this new reality. Prayer meetings have been ongoing with the HashTag #PrayForASwingTheOtherDirection trending on many social media platforms. There is support from both sides of the fence. Gender Fluid is now the most searched term on Google.

On the other side of the Political Divide there is Frothing at the mouth and inverted eyeballs. It looks like an outbreak of Hydatid infected dogs watching a Hot Air Balloon floating overhead. This one has caught them off guard. It is a crisis of such proportions that it could be put in the ‘Ecumenical Matter’ category.

Gender Fluid - Trump Becomes a Woman on International Women's Day
This man (Self identified - we checked) needed some fresh air after hearing the news.

To deny President Donna (Her new name she has decided to use) Trump her right to decide her gender would be against everything that has been fought for in the past. Donna is really excited and plans a few outings today. The first stop with be to join one of the protests outside Trump (add whatever Trump property you want). She also has an appointment to get her hair and nails done.

World Leaders are slowly lining up to Congratulate Donna Trump on this Historic Day. The old phone in the WhiteHouse is going like Billy’O.

Foot Note: Gender Fluid

Please see links to Articles regarding this matter on The Guardian and on CNN. We hope they will assist you in your personal journey and will help you to understand a bit more about this ‘Self-Identification’ .

Updated: #PrayForASwingTheOtherDirection has had an impact. Donna is now Donal….no wait…..It definitely is Donn…..We will keep you updated.

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Independent Fact Check

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