I don’t want to be a visitor to a website that would have me as a visitor. Feel the same? Don’t let the door hit you on your arse on the way out…

Larry Likes Digging Holes Late at Night.

Larry – 46 – Likes Digging Shallow Holes in the Bog at Night

Larry Likes Digging Holes Late at Night.

Ballyeffin Binder – The Lonely Hearts Service

I love my mammy... I really do.


Looking for Love

53 miles away

I like womanly girls. Nice skin. I like digging holes at night. Shallow holes. Rectangular. Sort-of weird but I like it. I love my van. My sewing machine. My spade. Would love to meet someone, alone. Maybe in a car park. I enjoy walks in the mountains too. Contact Me.

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Yiziv come here for the readin not the nosin
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Independent Fact Check

Independent Fact Check

I, Jane Roweled-Doh, acting as an Impartial and Independent Fact Checker, and on the payroll of the Ballyboondock Guardian - A sworn mortal enemy of The Ballyeffin Beacon, label this tripe as Mostly Fake News, and 100% Fake News.

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you look Sensitive! Snowflake????

Offended Easily?