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Michael D Does the Big 3 in County Offaly

Not wanting to be overshadowed by the upstart Varadkar, him and all his 5K’s and Triathlons, Ireland’s President Michael D Higgins has proven his mettle by completing ‘The Big 3’ in County Offaly today. After the fiasco at Cheese Puff Park the President wanted to blow out the cob webs and he did it in style.

Michael D Does the Big 3 in County Offaly - Zorbing bb

President Higgins took to the Grand Canal in a Zorb ball with  Ballyeffin Adventures and had a great old time. Zorbing seemed like a natural fit for the Pres after living in the Aras bubble for so long. He said it was just the ticket and would consider doing it again; especially after his next argument with his Nemesis, Michael Graham.

Ireland Adventure Croghan Hill Challenge Offaly

Next adventure was a mad-ass slide down Croghan Hill. Mick was an old wizz at that. He went so fast he ended up in the bog. He was right pumped after that. The Croghan Hill Challenge was awesome, said Micko.

Adventure Ireland Parachuting Clonbullogue Offaly Tandem Jump

Then off he went to the Irish Parachute Club to do a tandem. He was adamant he wasn’t going on the bottom, and who could win an argument with him, so he went on top and had a great one.

He’s mighty. When old Trump gets over for his visit Mighty Mick should challenge him to do ‘The Big 3’. 

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