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Scuba Nazis 109-110

Scuba Divers are All Nazis and White Supremacists – Apparently

Scuba Nazis 109-110

Scuba Divers are Not OK according to the Anti-Defamation League’s reasoning as they have now added the OK hand signal into the same Hate Symbols Database (Sighted on 01 October 2019) list as the nazi swastica. The updated list of hate symbols (with, currently, 214 entries – 01 October 2019) may have placed scuba divers in an uncomfortable and dangerous position. Scuba divers are no longer able to hand-signal their Okayness when participating in their chosen watersport without the possibility of the PC police accusing them of white supremacy, being a nazi, or worse. 

More unsavory hand signals from scuba divers.
Another unsavory hand signal from a scuba diver. Unbelievable.

Paddy Murphy-O’Tumaltaigh, the incoming outgoing notgoing anywhere President for Life of the Ballyeffin Underwater Club, is frantically fending off a multitude of accusations from browsers viewing the Ballyeffin Underwater Club’s online photo gallery. The gallery is riddled with this latest addition to the Hate Symbols Database. This formerly innocent, useful and imperative for safety hand signal is now, well and truly, under the cosh. 

The hate-filled White Supremacist hand signal? Or just letting everyone know that you are OK.
Oh my golly gosh. The newly classified racist hate symbol. Divers beware.....

The Ballyeffin Underwater Club Gallery


The database of hate symbols can be found on the ADL website. Click the heading below. Hate on Display even has a TM so use it carefully.

Hate on Display™ Hate Symbols Database

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