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Delicious Pilsner Beer - Ballyeffin Brewery

Bertie’s Sneeze – A Delicious Covid-Inspired Pilsner

Delicious Pilsner Beer - Ballyeffin Brewery

An Absolute Winner of a Beer says little willie, Gates

And he followed that statement up with “I have a vaccine for that”. Of course he did.

How right he is. On both counts. Bertie’s Sneeze Pilsner is an all-round joy. The look. The feel. The taste. The aroma. Even that dose of airborne Covid you get when you crack the cap off the cold green glass. That first inhale. And the realisation that you have now become entrapped. Infected. They were determined to get us all and now they have, with the assistance of the shysters at Ballyeffin Brewery. The last few hold-outs have been tricked, well not really tricked. We were thirsty. And by-F#@K that bottle looked great. You got us Billy Boy. You Got Us. I’ll drink to that.


Delicious Pilsner Beer - Ballyeffin Brewery

Old Bill did do his homework. He invested in the perfect, sneaky-bastard advertising agency. No. Not Scratchi and Scratchi. It was Bally & Effin – The Ad Agency, who did create a wicked concept, and a fantastic ad campaign, then conquered the last of us hidden-away anti-Covid-vaxxers. All of us mongrel-arsed Covid deniers. 

After his victory Bill was heard to say, in True Ed Hillary style, ‘Well George (Soros), We knocked the Bastards Off’.

Ballyeffin Brewery have done it again. They took the Brown Envelope.

Woman Sneezing Covid

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