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Mary – 25 – Likes Dolphins and Other Stuff

Mary's a Skipper - Mary is on Ballyeffin Binder - The Lonely Hearts Service in Ballyeffin. Meet Mary today. Like I said. Skipper.

Ballyeffin Binder – The Lonely Hearts Service

Mary - Skipper at Ballyeffin Dolphin Tours

In a Barry White Voice…Give Ol Mary a LIKE….You Likey???? I Likey-Likey….

Mary, 23

Looking for Love

13 miles away

Hi. I’m Mary. I’m the Skipper for Ballyeffin Dolphin Tours™  and I love Dolphins and other stuff. I am on commission so need to attract as many punters to the Ballyeffin Dolphin Tours™ or else I won’t make any money. I really want to meet someone. Really. I’d love to fall in love with someone. Please come on a Dolphin Tour. And bring all your friends. Just mention my name when you purchase your tickets and you will get two tickets for the price of three. Contact Me.

Ballyeffin Dolphin Tours™

Ballyeffin’s Ultimate Marine Experience.

Mary’s Two for the Price of Three Deal.

Wildlife Tours in Ballyeffin

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I, Jane Roweled-Doh, acting as an Impartial and Independent Fact Checker, and on the payroll of the Ballyboondock Guardian - A sworn mortal enemy of The Ballyeffin Beacon, label this tripe as Mostly Fake News, and 100% Fake News.

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