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15 Days to Flatten the Curve

Covid 19 Safety Information

WE were one thing….now we are another. We started as something, then drifted, over time, into something entirely different. That process has continued. We are stagnant but not dead, yet. We have adapted to the current malaise. This ’15 Days to Flatten the Curve’, malaise. ‘The Party‘ has corralled us. There is nowhere to go. Nothing that can be done. So we have hit the pause button. We are waiting, awaiting, the ricochet from ‘The Shots’.

The ‘Ricochet’ is, most likely, here already. Its fetid tendrills now penetrating the cells of the submissive. The submitted. It is now going to work. It’s activated. Now fulfilling its purpose. But what purpose may that be? Only the passing of time will reveal it. If the purpose is evil then it may be too late.

Now the barrel of the needle is overheating. It is red hot. The constant push forward against a subdued resistance has made it easy to get the targets. Keep your head down. They are constantly reloading.

As we creep closer to year three of the ’15 Days’ the scope of this malaise, and of many other words, meanings, intentions, laws, mandates, thinking, thoughts, and so on, has widened. Is there wickedness behing it all? There is, say some. But their voices are drowned out. They are put in the sin-bin. They are the Heretics. They….we……Only time will tell.
It is ALL about ‘The Party’.

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I, Jane Roweled-Doh, acting as an Impartial and Independent Fact Checker, and on the payroll of the Ballyboondock Guardian - A sworn mortal enemy of The Ballyeffin Beacon, label this tripe as Mostly Fake News, and 100% Fake News.

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