I don’t want to be a visitor to a website that would have me as a visitor. Feel the same? Don’t let the door hit you on your arse on the way out…

Back and White Guitar Player

BBA – 2022 – Kill’em All

Back and White Guitar Player
Live a Full Life. Stay strong. Stay safe. Don't listen to the propoganda.

The World is Full

That’s what Bill said. And George. And some of them other c@~*s.

I sort of agree. Sort of. 

There are only so many resources……and that is an issue when there is a growing global population.

Too Much Waste

Waste is an inde….undie….uummmm….well waste is …wasteful…personal….???? Is wa#king a waste? Is listening to Roy Buchanan’s ‘ The Messiahwill come again‘ a waste? Like f*ck it is. If you think it is a waste the please…f#ck off. Never visit again. I wouldn’t want to be a visitor to a website that would have me as a visitor.

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Yiziv come here for the readin not the nosin
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Independent Fact Check

I, Jane Roweled-Doh, acting as an Impartial and Independent Fact Checker, and on the payroll of the Ballyboondock Guardian - A sworn mortal enemy of The Ballyeffin Beacon, label this tripe as Mostly Fake News, and 100% Fake News.

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Grey Beard - Old Man

Beard Ban Outrage

Ms Wood chimed in and told The Ballyeffin Beacon, ‘ It’s bloody discrimination’. The ladies were snavelled up by the circus because of their natural fugliness, and their incredible knack of attracting a crowd.

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you look Sensitive! Snowflake????

Offended Easily?