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Approved Image of Covid Virus

Globalist Lunatics Argue Over Colour of Covid

Approved Image of Covid Virus
The arguments have intensified this past week. Several experts are concerned that this could lead to an new War. Defence Stocks and Shares have gone through the roof.

Shocking Scenes at The Centre for Global Lunaticism.

The Lunatics in charge of the assylum, formerly known as Our Beautiful Planet, have edged closer to a new World War. They are currently engaged in an infantile spat regarding Covid19. The spat concerns the colour of Covid19 images. Fierce disagreement between the big players, the ‘Super Lunatics,’ according to our source, is getting really, seriously dirty.

Sir Tony wants pink. George is going for Green. Billy-Boy is Red all the way. Then there is old Joe. Are you there Joe?

I Prefer Blue - Because I am a boy
I Prefer Blue - Well I identify as a Boy; this week.

Let us hope all can be settled in a civilised fashion. What is your colour preference? Leave a review below.

Is Lunaticism Taking Over

The Centre for Global Lunaticism has undergone a major transformation since 2019. It is well organised. It’s well funded. It has a mandate, so says Bazza, the Lunatic-in-Chief in charge of the propagan……the press releases. Bazza, or LunaBazz, as he likes to be called, hands out the prop….the press release packs to all the approved news agencies once per day. Included in the packs are instructions, a list of bullet points, the latest do’s and don’ts, and the latest brib…..the latest rewar….the latest payment for services rendered. LunaBazz sorts out all the punishm….the admonishments to anyone breaking from the Party Line. Stepping out of line can be fatal…for your business. It’s such a dirty word these days, business. Business involves hard work, creativity, dedication, drive, ingenuity. All terrible. But the worst one I have left out. It is too evil to print. It even turns the stomach of all members of The Centre for Global Lunaticism, when it is not them making it. 

Read more about The Centre For Global Lunacism here.

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