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Is Lunaticism Taking Over The World

Excluded like many of society have been lately. Too evil to print, so it is. It turns the stomach of all members of The Centre for Global Lunaticism. But only when it is not them making it. 

Covid 19 Safety Information

15 Days to Flatten the Curve

WE were one thing….now we are another. We started as something, then drifted, over time, into something entirely different. That process has continued. We are

Locked inside away from Reality - Covid Prison

The COVID Life

Many people of this World have collectively bent over and are being vigorously reamed by pocket-liners and control freaks. Ah well.

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Irish President at Cheese Puff Park, Ballyeffin Ireland. Breaking News. Middle Ireland. Boglands.
Adventure Ireland Parachuting Clonbullogue Offaly Tandem Jump
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