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Locked inside away from Reality - Covid Prison

The COVID Life

Many people of this World have collectively bent over and are being vigorously reamed by pocket-liners and control freaks. Ah well.

Dolphins in the Surf

The Dolphins of Ballyeffin

The Ballyeffin Dolphins™ Dolphins were first discovered in Ballyeffin in 1805, one year after the completion of the Grand Canal. No one person could account

Happy Chicken Day

Happy Fried Chicken Day

Today is Fried Chicken Day. Yesterday was Fried Chicken Day Too. And So is Tomorrow, and Every Tomorrow for Infinity…. Happy Fried Chicken Day.

Stay in the Ballyeffin Boglands with Ballyeffin Lodge. Great accommodation in the Boglands.

Ballyeffin Lodge

As its reputation for outstanding fishing and fine hospitality spread, Ballyeffin Lodge could have attracted such famous anglers as Zane Grey, Ernest Hemingway, and Roger

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Irish President at Cheese Puff Park, Ballyeffin Ireland. Breaking News. Middle Ireland. Boglands.
Adventure Ireland Parachuting Clonbullogue Offaly Tandem Jump
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