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Dolphins in the Surf

The Dolphins of Ballyeffin

The Ballyeffin Dolphins™ Dolphins were first discovered in Ballyeffin in 1805, one year after the completion of the Grand Canal. No one person could account

Beached Whale in Ireland. Offaly Whale.

Whale Washes Ashore In County Offaly

Department of Fisheries, Bogs and Turnips officials will be on the Boglands  shoreline in  County Offaly Tuesday morning where a whale was found dead. The

Ballyeffin the beautiful. Thatched Village in the Boglands of Ireland.

Ballyeffin the Beautiful

Ballyeffin has been voted the most picturesque village in the entire Ballyeffin Boglands more often than any other village (Up Yours, Ballyboondock). With thatched buildings

Camels roaming the Bogs of Ballyeffin.

The Camels of Ballyeffin Bog

The first cameleers arrived in Ireland in March 1630 when two men arrived into Dublin with a shipment of opium and 3 camels. The cameleers

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Irish President at Cheese Puff Park, Ballyeffin Ireland. Breaking News. Middle Ireland. Boglands.
Adventure Ireland Parachuting Clonbullogue Offaly Tandem Jump
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